Job Summary

The Purser’s Office is the main information / communication centre on the ship. A receptionist will help our guests in many different ways.

Primary Functions
•    Responding to front desk general enquiries.
•    The primary guest service contact with regards to resolving any service issues.
•    Guest check-in.
•    Ship’s lay out/directional advice for passengers. General information on staterooms amenities, ships facilities and activities.
•    Internal and external switchboard operation.
•    Interdepartmental liaison for special requests.
•    Guest account queries, payments & credit queries.
•    Use of the Property Management System, DTS.
•    Responsible for a substantial cash float of both US$ and UK£
•    Cashing traveller’s cheques
•    Guest message taking and forwarding.
•    AVO System – manual of all technical faults reported by guests.
•    Voyage notes - logging all queries from each voyage.
•    Written Reports on comments/complaints and follow through on same.
•    Assist at immigration inspections.
•    Lost and found management.
•    Keeping relevant information for ports of call, port highlights production.
•    Receiving and logging of  fax and e-mail messages for guests and delivery of same.
•    Advise on disembarkation arrangement options and liase with Tour & Travel office as necessary.
•    CWC, Cunard’s loyalty programme queries.
•    Stamp selling (British, U.S. and foreign ports) and landing of mail with the Port Agent.
•    Guest secretarial duties including photocopying/typing for guests, group leaders and travel representatives.
•    Attend voyage meetings.

Secondary Functions
•    Ensure all business is conducted in compliance with Cunard’s Environmental Compliance Plan [ECP].
•    Know and adhere to Company regulations, SOP’s, and the SMS, especially where relevant to the Purser’s Office.
•    Assist the Officers in the office with any other special requests or tasks.

Job Requirements
•    Patient
•    Tactful
•    Friendly and helpful at all times
•    Team player
•    Outgoing and courteous
•    Able to work under pressure
•    High level of integrity

As one of the Purser’s Office team you will join with us to help identify and solve many different customer queries and challenges and to provide useful information and advice in a very busy environment.


Who’s Who in the Purser’s Office!

Chief Purser 
The Chief Purser is the head of the department and oversees the running of the entire office.    In addition Chief Purser is the main liaison for all Concessionaires onboard.

Purser – Guest Services
The Purser – Guest Services oversees all aspects of guest service in the Purser’s Office and controls guest stateroom inventory in conjunction with Cunard Dispatch office in Southampton.

Asst. Purser - Manifest
The Purser - Manifest ensures that the relevant documentation for immigration and customs purposes is collected and compiled, thus enabling the ship to enter and exit the various ports of call.

Asst. Purser - Reception
The Purser - Reception supervises the running of the front desk keeping everyone up-to-date with information, training, preparing rosters and scheduling.

The Cashier is responsible for administering the Ship’s cash account and safes, to reconcile and report revenues, supervise all cash handling onboard and to oversee all guest and crew accounts, payment and billing queries.

The Concierge is based in and runs the Concierge Lounge and is responsible for all guest service issues, general ship and port information and tour and travel advice and bookings for all Grill Suite guests.

Night Hotel Officer
The NHO manages the hotel operation at night time and is based in the Purser’s Office.

Night / Day Auditors x 2
Responsible for guest accounts administration and credit card management and approval.


Side Duties

Additional duties for Receptionists, to make the Purser’s Office run more effectively.

Lost & Found
Responsible for completing the documentation for packaging and landing all lost & found items.

Back Office Cleaning
Back office is kept clean and tidy, garbage is separated and disposed of correctly, and printer management.  To update the Pursers Office notice boards with crew, cruise, general & manifest information.  To update Red Handover Book with important emails. To ensure there are enough photocopies of all of the forms used on the desk.  To ensure the printers and photocopiers are stocked with paper. 

Front Desk Cleanliness
Ensure the front desk is kept clean and tidy and fully stocked with stationery. Responsible for the cleaning of Card printing machines

Manifest Assistant/Immigration Assistant

This Receptionist is assigned to work with the Manifest Officer to assist the en route processing of all guests through the immigration inspection.

Night Report [follow-up]
This Receptionist is responsible for following up, in conjunction with the Purser – Guest Services, this report each morning.

Switchboard Operator
This receptionist is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the switchboard, answering and diverting calls and manning the emergency line.

Handover for returning Receptionists
There is a certain number of Receptionists going on leave each month and a certain number of Receptionists returning. One Receptionist is assigned to produce a document with updated information and any changes that have taken place. 

Maritime Quest Audio Sets & Deck of Cards
This Receptionist should make sure that the audio phones are correctly checked out and then checked back in. Also at the end of the cruise, Receptionist is in charge of calling any guests who did not return the audio units. 

DHL Co-ordinator
This Receptionist Co-ordinates the White Star Luggage Service. Ensures the office is fully equipped with baggage labels and disembarkation cards in preparation for disembarkation.

Stationery Controller
To order stationery for the Pursers Office & Concierge Lounge. To keep the stationery locker and filing cabinet tidy and organised at all times.

Stationary collection
To collect stationary from hotel stores and deliver to the stationary locker, closely liaising with the Stationary controller.

Art Auction Assistant
To assist with the Art Auction program by operating the Art Track computer during Art Auctions and encoding guest data to invoice. To assist guests who comes to the desk with Art Auction related queries. Also responsible for consolidating reports for the Art Auction after every voyage and mailing it to Head Office. 

Port Information
In charge of updating the Port information filing cabinet, with maps and information about the upcoming ports of call. Ensuring there is a plentiful supply of information sheets photocopied, ready to hand to guests.

In charge of handing wheelchairs out to guests and ensuring the guest returns them, keeping the wheelchair locker tidy.

Post box

Empty post box, change the signs according to cruise. Sorting and logging the crew mail

Luggage Tracing Assistant
To assist with the tracing of missing luggage and to assist guests whose luggage has not arrived to the ship with toiletries and clothing.

Concierge Receptionist
To cover the Concierge’s break and carry out the administrative role in the Concierge lounge.

Bar check clearance

To clear the bar cheque drawers at the end of a voyage and prepare it for the next voyage. To secure all bar cheques in appropriate storage and maintain regular housekeeping.

Newspaper Delivery
To deliver the logged newspapers to the guest’s stateroom.


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